Range Cooker

Why clutter the kitchen with numerous separate, small appliances when you can get them all in a range cooker? Make your kitchen as efficient and versatile as you with a single range cooker to cater to all your cooking needs – frying, boiling, baking, roasting, grilling and heating.

There are a host of range cookers for you to choose from in the UK, depending on how you like to cook and what fuel you are comfortable with. Most models run on two fuels, generally gas and electricity. If you like conventional or convection ovens with separate controls for each unit, there are many cookers on the market from manufacturers like Belling, Falcon, Smeg, Delonghi and Britannia. If you prefer heat storage range cookers, an Aga is the answer.

Range cookers can be built into your kitchen counter or stand free, slipping into the gap in the countertop. The bigger range cookers come with four ovens and six or more burners and hotplates. The smaller ones have two ovens and four or more burners. Some also come with special wok burners and griddles.

A range cooker is ideal for large households or families that love to entertain. It saves you time by performing multiple functions simultaneously, making it easy to churn out large and elaborate meals with speed.

Before buying a range cooker, it is important to assess your cooking needs and preferences. For example, you need to know whether you want burners or hotplates. And do you want a window and a light in the oven? Do you need a built-in timer? Would you like a conventional, convection or radiant heat oven?

Take stock of the space you have available in your kitchen and the colour scheme you want. If you are switching from an electric cooker, do confirm whether you have a gas connection available in your home before making the purchase. You also need to whether you want a self-cleaning oven.

See as many models as you can, comparing features. If you have small children, don’t forget to check the safety features. Many ovens now come with a child-lock. Also remember to find out what kind of cookware is best suited to the range cooker you choose.